SQL Azure Videos and Training Resources

We have put togethere a list of SQL Azure Videos and resources that will help you with SQL Azure training process. We have included some training samples from our internal videos in addition to external videos from YouTube and other sources.

SQL Azure Training Demos

Here are some training demos on SQL and Windows Azure. You can click on Play button and also Maximize using the Right Click button.

SQL Azure Video 1 - How to signup for SQL Azure - SQLAzureTutorials.com

SQL Azure Video 2 - How to create Stored Procedure in SQL Azure - SQLAzureTutorials.com

SQL Azure Video 3 - What is SQL Azure? Microsoft.com

SQL Azure Video 4 - How to use Primary and Foreign Keys in SQL Azure - Cloud Database

SQL Azure Video 5 - Import data into SQL Azure Database - Using SSIS (Integration Services)

More Videos on the way

SQL/Windows Azure Training Resources - Related Links

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