SQL Azure Links - Resources on Cloud Database

We have put together a list of SQL Azure Links and resources that will help you with the learning process. We have divided it into different categories for ease of access and navigation. If you would like to submit a related link, please send us a note at support@sqlazuretutorials.com

Intro to SQL Azure

  -Introduction to SQL Azure
  -How to setup SQL Azure Reporting Server?
  -Overview of SQL Azure - Cloud Database
  -Cloud Computing - Intro to SQL Azure

SQL Azure Administration

  -SQL Azure Overview - Administration
  -Azure SQL Administration - SQLServerCentral.com
  -Overview of SQL Azure Security Administration
  -DBArtisan - Providing database administration in the Cloud

SQL Azure Development

  - SQL Azure Portal - Links to other resources
  - SQL Azure Development - Inside and Out
  - Best Practices for developing on Windows Azure
  - Using SQL Azure data synchronization in cloud database

Windows Azure Links

  - Windows Azure Resources - Microsoft.com
  - Online learning resources for Windows Azure platform
  - Windows Azure Cloud Database Resources - Technet
  - Frequently Asked Questions - Windows Azure

Non Azure Links

  -Mailbox Repair Plano
  -Brick Repair Plano